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Vehicle Confirmation

Congratulations!! We are almost there!

At 3B Auto Brokers we believe in full transparency.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and trust in us. Before we can release the vehicle and schedule delivery we will need you to complete one final form.   This is basically a confirmation page that states that you have discussed the lease/Finance terms and the vehicle in question with your 3B representative and that he was able to provide you with an invoice/Window Sticker of the car and/or pictures along with the VIN number. Basically this page states that 3B Auto Brokers has explained the vehicle you will be receiving in great detail, sent invoices (See attached) and pictures. Implementation of this policy was instrumental in minimizing communication breakdowns between the brokerage, the customer and the dealership resulting in the wrong cars being delivered.  This confirmation page rectifies the situation so there is full transparency between all parties involved.

  • Please confirm the window sticker and invoice of the lease. Your representative should have gone over all the options the vehicle has including the color.
  • Please confirm the VIN of the Vehicle from your invoice or window sticker that you received.
  • Please confirm the lease / finance terms of the contract and mileage (if lease)

If anything looks amiss please contact your Sales Representative immediately so that we may rectify the situation. If everything looks good then we are all set to deliver the vehicle to you!!!

Congrats On Your New Car!!

By completing the section below, You will be acknowledging your consent of the deal. Please fill out your name, VIN Number of the vehicle, the representative that assisted you and the electronic signature.  Then click on the SUBMIT button.

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